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Binh Tang ( DJ Ping)

Owner / DJ  [House, HipHop, EDM, Rock, Jazz, Top40]

With an extensive background in coordinating events , customer service and multi-unit management, Binh has found his calling with Ones & Twos Entertainment by being able to pair his experience with his passion. When fate allowed him to touch a turntable for the first time over 13 years ago his love affair for music and entertaining others was a romance he could not deny. One of his greatest strengths as a DJ is his appreciation for music as a whole rather than to a specific genre. That appreciation combined with his customer service experience allows him to cater to any crowd. From DJ’ing at house parties to bars and lounges to clubs, his willingness to adapt to his environment has landed him the opportunity to work all across the GTA. That same passion resonates in the quality of his events because he sees Ones and Twos Entertainment as a tool to inspire others to pursue their passions.




Matthew Henny (MC Hennisey)

MC  [HipHop,  House, EDM, Top40]

Matthew Henny is a house hold name in Toronto’s clubbing scene. His high energy personality and ability to adapt to any environment is guaranteed to get any party going. His past work experience should say it all in terms of what he brings to our events.

Embassy Nightclub | The Guvernment Complex | Kool Haus Complex | Tonic Nightclub (HOME NIGHTCLUB) | Level Nightclub | Republik Nightclub | The Docks Complex | Inside Nightclub | Seven Lounge | Afterlife Nightclub | Lot 332 | Districkt Nightclub | Mink Nightclub | Circa Nightclub | The Basement | Comfort Zone ( The second MC in history to MC there) | Red Light ( MTL) | Club Vivies 9 ( Chungsha , China ) | Wetbar / suite 106 |


Jesse Profile Pic

Jesse Nakayama ( DJ Nakz)

 DJ  [HipHop, House, EDM, Top40]

Jesse Nakayama has always been passionate about and committed to music. Having practiced numerous outlets, singing and playing the guitar to name a few, it has become evident that djing is where he finds most joy, expression and challenge in his work with music. Specializing in spinning hiphop and electro for clubs, lounges and restaurants as well as weddings and corporate events, the musical stylings of DJ Nakz has proven to be flexible and technically strong in a variety of environments.

“Wherever I dj, I just want to leave knowing that not necessarily I, but music itself, made someone’s night.”


Chris Fresque Bio

Chris Fresque

DJ [Tech House]

Fresque is no stranger to underground music, it has become a part of him and always will be. For over a decade Fresque has embraced everything about the underground sound he fell in love with and will never loose focus on that in his music.

Consistent and energetic track selection, deep rhythmic baselines, and original production, Fresque’s performances leave you with a unique listening experience and take you on a journey.



Henry Bio

Henry Yoong ( Kid Zero)

 DJ [House, EDM, Top40, HipHop]

Henry Yoong aka KIDZERO (KZ) is a Toronto based nightclub/wedding/private event DJ who easily has over 1000+ events under his belt in his 5-year career. KZ is one of Canada’s most versatile DJ, Spinning anything from Progressive, House, Electro, Trance, Techno to Hip Hop, Top 40’s and Mash-Ups. His ability to read the crowd, improvise and adapt accordingly sets him apart from any other DJ’s. His passion for music and craft has booked him residency at numerous nightclubs and performed at countless venues across Ontario including Toronto’s legendary “The Guvernment” complex.



Andy Profile Pic

Andy Quartarone ( Andy Cue)

 DJ  [House, Deep House, Tech House, Techno]

Andy Cue is a local Toronto DJ/Producer who’s featured in the biggest and best clubs the city has to offer. His versatile sets keep the crowd going and dance floors rocking. His playlist consists of House, Deep House, Tech House and Techno. Andy Cue is no stranger to Electronic music; he’s kept himself current and updated with the best DJs and Producers that have paved the way for not just him, but many other local artists who’ve progressed to become international. He’s opened and played alongside well-known Toronto DJs like Jed Harper, Sam Haze and Manzone & Strong, and also international acts like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Prok & Fitch. Keep an ear out for Andy Cue’s productions to be released by Spring 2014.


Jerome BioJerome Gonsalves ( Don San Juan)

 DJ/MC [Soca, HipHop, EDM, Top40]

Born and raised in Scarborough Ontario, of Guyanese and Trinidadian descent Jerome purchased his first mixer at the age of 13. Shortly after that his first record purchase was”Butterfly” presented by many soca artists. His first task was to think of a creative name which actually came to him during an episode of unsolved mysteries “Lost Soul”, and it stayed with him through out his career. After the tragic loss of his brother in 2007, he felt the need for change-his name was then changed to Don San Juan. In early 2006, he co-founded one of the most popular Caribbean sound crews in Toronto “SOCA 101”. The group consisted of Rockhard, Trini Shotta, DJ Tricky, West Indian Boyz, and DJ Lexxus. The crew quickly became popular with their crazy and wild radio show every Sunday night. Not only has DSJ performed locally, he had the opportunity to DJ internationally in New York, Miami, Orlando and Trinidad.



DWHY Profile Pic

James Kwac ( DWHY)

 DJ  [EDM, Progressive House, Electro House, Tech House, Deep House, Techno, Top40]

The New Innovation in House Music, which is a deep passion. Spinning a new sound each time is the punchline. Catch line is simple, Hailing from Korea , the passion of djing/producing will show no signs of slowing down. DJ DWHY has been underground for sometime now and is about to unlesh havoc on the house platform. Aiming at innovative new sounds and crossing into genres with perfection, he looks forward to enhancing on his instinct of music which he seeks and pursues to be skillful. He’s performed at The Guvernment Complex, XS, Club Rich, The Basement, Club Ooraa.



Edward Profile Pic

Lingfei Edward Gu (Edward Feyer)

DJ [House, Tech House, Deep House, Techno, Trance]

Edward Feyer discovered his love for Electronic music during his early teens. Having also practiced music throughout high school, it is no surprise that djing would become one of his musical passions. As a DJ, Feyer is influenced by numerous international and local talents. Feyer started DJing with commercial EDM, but has since developed a more underground style that revolves heavily around Deep House, Tech House, Techno, and various sub-genres of Trance.

Printshop Sessions 01 – Trance, Vocal, and Progressive by Edward Feyer on Mixcloud



Chimon Profile Pic

Chim0n (Chi Oung)

DJ [Electro House, EDM]

Chi Oung (Chim0n) has been trolling since he cried coming out of his mom. Ever since then trolling has been a passion. Taking music courses as a kid, he had no idea what he would do with it. He then started producing in high-school and another passion was born. DJing came later as a way to perform his productions. Chim0n is best known for raging and mooning the crowd. Not sure if he’s doing it right or doing it wrong, but it doesn’t matter. It’s working for him. Hi.




DJ [Electro House, Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B]

DeJa Vu is an upcoming DJ from Toronto. He started DJ’ing as a hobby, until close friends pushed him to pursue it further. His natural talents combined with his ability to understand music makes it very easy for him to transition to different styles. He loves the music he plays and is always able to get the crowd on their feet, no matter the situation.

Previous venues include: Skky Lounge, HY Lounge, Bellagio, Mi Lounge, WA Bar, LiLy Lounge, iDarts Toronto, Club 120, Club Ooraa, C Lounge

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