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I don’t mean to talk any less of the competition but Merry is like the Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky of cake making as far as I’m concerned. There are very few people in the elite group of any industry, Merry finds herself perched on top of hers. Her humble ways, in my opinion, is the only thing slowing her down from where she should be based on her talents. She jokingly mentioned to me one time that her engineering  degree helps her produce these quality cakes, when you look at her work it’s probably not far from the truth. From the colours she uses to the symmetry of every curve to the finest details in the texture, no one comes close to Merry in delivering on such a high level with such consistency. I’ve included some pictures below, you be the judge. And it comes without saying, the next time you need a custom cake ordered, you know who I’m recommending. Just be sure you order WELL in advance as she is typically booked for weeks!


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