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Who are you DJ Ping?

Whether you’re a potential client researching to make sure I’m someone you want to work for you, an artist that wants to know if I’m someone you want to work with or if you’re just looking for reading material, I just wanted to thank you for taking to time to read my story.

I started DJ’ing at the age of 16 and like what every other DJ said when they first started, “it’s just a hobby.” Well this hobby has literally redefined and changed my life. When I first started as a DJ, there was VERY little support from within the community but the support I received from family and friends more than made up for it. In fact, the support from my family and friends was what kept me going. Picture yourself walking into the DJ booth of a club for the first time with a milk crate full of records and knowing that this moment is essentially an interview that dictates whether or not you will work there again. Another DJ is already in the booth setting up the sound system, turns to you and quickly goes over the clubs setup and then walks away. I don’t know if other DJ’s experiences were different than mine but I encountered that type of attitude over and over again with countless DJ’s when I first started. It seemed like everyone was against each other. Not to say all my experiences were poor or that there were not any groups of DJ’s that looked out for each other but for the most part, there was very little support that I encountered.

Fast forward a few years, I stopped DJ’ing and started focusing on my day job as a manager of a cell phone store. Anyone who has worked with me will tell you, I am very passionate with anything that I do. Go big or go home. I basically camped out at which ever stores I worked at and did fairly well for myself. The single greatest skill I developed working there was learning how to effectively manage a team. In an environment where egos are sky high and sales are often claimed by multiple team members to be theres, I still had my own personal sales goals to mange while keeping things in check. But looking at each day as “paid education” I worked through all the bickering, the demands and so much more, growing wiser each day. I eventually worked my way up to one of the highest volume stores in the country while supporting managers in the region. My message and philosophy was simple, we work as a team with respect for one another and we will all do better while stressing a lot less. I took this philosophy and am now applying it into the Entertainment world, starting with the DJ’s.

For the record, none of the DJ’s or MC’s on this site work FOR me, they are affiliates who chose to work together WITH me. What I have created with Ones And Twos Entertainment is a hub for DJ’s, MC’s, Photographers and many other professions within our industry to work together without losing their individual identities. I believe this is a winning formula for everyone involved, especially our clients. The more often the affiliates within our network work together the more chemistry they will have for future events. From knowing when to take the perfect picture because the photographer knows the next song the DJ is going to play to having the MC  hyping up the crowd or making an announcement right at the very moment the videographer was looking for, working as a team will always produce better results. I was so passionate about this concept that I left my day job to pursue this vision full time.

After taking over 4 years off from DJ’ing, I had to work my way back into the scene. I started to work at bars across the city, soon after I found myself working 5 nights a week. I grew my network and started doing weddings, corporate events and private events all over the GTA. It got to the point that it was no longer feasible for me to work all those nights so now I currently promote and DJ at a night club once a week and am dedicated to making this dream work.

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